Preliminary Results: Spiritual and Cultural Perspectives?

Students will identify and analyze one’s own spiritual and cultural perspectives and demonstrate respect for other’s views and values.

Question 1.  What demonstrable qualities of this outcome should a SEU graduate possess?


  • Faith based on action (service to others)
  • Ability to articulate experiences in the classroom and community
  • Ability to listen without prejudice
  • Understanding of, open-ness to various historical, spiritual/religious, traditions/beliefs, cultures
  • Ability to articulate one’s own spirituality while being respectful, appreciative, and knowledgeable of other religions and cultures

Question 2. Please provide your views on how this outcome can best be achieved in general education and co-curricular programming.


  • Academic classes in religious traditions, values, ethics, and practices
  • Workshops/programs on diversity, respect, dignity
  • Events on campus such as mass, devotions, ecumenical services, Christian, Jewish, Muslim…
  • Service hour quota satisfied by study abroad or community outreach
  • Contemporary approaches that consider the effects of the blurring of boundaries and borders due to globalization
  • Deliberate collaboration between first year courses and Campus Ministry
  • Required courses in Theology; components of each course that touch on spirituality/religion and culture

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