Many faculty and staff members at St. Edward’s University have participated in the General Education renewal process.  See below for members of the following committees:


General Education Renewal Committee


  • Facilitate the review and revision of the general education curriculum
  • Ensure a faculty-driven and faculty-led process
  • Address concerns of the multiple stakeholders in the SEU community


General Education Renewal Committee L to R: Chad, Grant, David, Lynn, Cory, Rebecca, Michael, Sara

Original General Education Renewal Committee
L to R: Chad, Grant, David, Lynn, Cory, Rebecca, Michael, Sara

Cory Lock
Director of General Education and Professor of University Studies

David Blair
Director of Institutional Assessment

Rebecca Davis
Director of Instructional and Emerging Technology

Keith Ward
Assistant Professor of Management

Chad Long
Associate Professor of Political Science

Bill Nichols (substituted for Chad Long, Spring 2017)
Professor of Global Studies

Katie Peterson
Assistant Professor of Reading

Lynn Rudloff 
Associate Professor of English

Michael Saclolo 
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Tom Sullivan
Director of Student Life

Past Members

Sara Gibson (2014-2017)Visiting Assistant Professor, Bill Munday School of Business

Chuck Hauser (for Michael Saclolo, Fall 2016)
Associate Professor of Bioinformatics

Alex Robinson (for Lynn Rudloff, Fall 2016)
Associate Professor of Art

Grant Simpson (2014-2016, retired 2016)
Dean and Professor of Education


Requirement Development Committees (October 2016-present)

Freshman Seminar

  • Alex Barron (Co-chair)
  • Mity Myhr (Co-chair)
  • Santiago Toledo
  • Jennifer Greene
  • Jena Heath
  • Kris Sloan
  • Jennifer Ansier
  • Tom Sullivan
  • Mary Culkin
  • Lindsey Woelker

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Jason Callahan (Chair)
  • Bilal Shebaro
  • Camelia Rotaru
  • Brian Smith

Modern Languages

  • Florina Matu (Chair)
  • Regina Faunes
  • Jooyoun Lee

Oral Communication

  • Stephanie Martinez (Chair)
  • Billy Earnest
  • Leslie Loughmiller
  • Amy Clements
  • Tyler Layton
  • Tom Yufik
  • Raychelle Burks

Writing I and II and Writing-Rich Flag

  • Moriah McCracken (Chair)
  • Drew Loewe
  • Kathy Brown
  • Todd Onderdonk
  • Russel Rains
  • Brittney Johnson


  • Bill Quinn (Chair)
  • Katy Goldey
  • Amy Concilio
  • Steve Fletcher
  • Michael Kart

Diverse American Perspectives

  • Laura Hernandez Ehrisman (Co-chair)
  • Chad Long
  • Dan Glenn
  • Catherine Rainwater
  • Amy Nathan Wright

Global Perspectives

  • Bill Nichols (Chair)
  • Georgia Seminet
  • Gary Pletcher
  • Christie Wilson
  • Richard Bautch
  • Trish Baynham

Exploring Artistic Works 

  • Brian Sheerin (Co-chair)
  • Tammie Rubin (Co-chair)
  • Sheila Gordon
  • Katie Peterson
  • Barbara Filippidis

Creativity and Making

  • Jimmy Luu (Co-chair)
  • Mary Helen Specht (Co-chair)
  • Kathryn Eader
  • Morris Stevens
  • Susan Loughran


  • Steve Dilley (Co-chair)
  • Peter Wake (Co-chair)
  • Lou Brusatti
  • Tom Sechrest
  • Anna Escamilla
  • Chuck Hauser

Theology and Religion

  • Steve Rodenborn (Chair)
  • Jenny Veninga
  • Sarah Henseler


  • Alex Robinson (Chair)
  • Rachael Neal
  • Liz Johnson
  • Edward Early
  • Ralph Wilburn

Experiential Learning for Social Justice

  • Don Unger (Chair)
  • Amy Wright
  • Kris Sloan
  • Kim Garza
  • Laurie Heffron Cook
  • Lou Serna

Social Identities

  • Arecelia Hernandez (Chair)
  • Justine Hernandez
  • Adam McCormick
  • Tere Garza

Culminating Experience

  • Mary Rist (Co-chair, on sabbatical in FA18)
  • Todd Onderdonk (Co-chair)
  • Keith Ward
  • Mike Disch
  • Sybil Miller
  • Richard Kopec



General Education Renewal Advisory Membership (2016-2017)

  • Cory Lock, Director of General Education,
  • Campus Ministry: James Puglisi
  • Library: Brittany Johnston
  • Student Academic Support Services: Kendall Swanson
  • Admissions/Marketing: Dave Bralower
  • Global Initiatives: Bill Clabby
  • Honors: Steve Rodenborn
  • Residence Life: Tony Farmer
  • Student representative: Pending


  • Humanities: Steve Dilley
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences: Brian Smith
  • Natural Sciences: Pending
  • Business: Ralph Wilburn
  • University Studies: Laura Hernandez Ehrisman


Curriculum Models Group


  • Spring 2015: create three potential curriculum models
  • Fall 2015: synthesize models and feedback to create one curriculum model

Members, Spring and Fall 2015

  • Chuck Hauser (Associate Professor of Biology)
  • Laura Hernandez Ehrisman (Associate Professor of University Studies)
  • Cory Lock (Associate Professor of University Studies and Director of General Education)
  • Chad Long (Associate Professor of Political Science)
  • Stephanie Martinez (Associate Professor of Communication)
  • Bill Nichols (Associate Professor of Global Studies)
  • Todd Onderdonk (Associate Professor of University Studies)
  • Alex Robinson (Assistant Professor of Art)
  • Lynn Rudloff (Associate Dean of Humanities and Associate Professor of English Writing and Rhetoric)
  • Michael Saclolo (Associate Professor of Mathematics)
  • Grant Simpson (Dean of the School of Education)
  • Jennifer Veninga (Assistant Professor of Religious and Theological Studies)
  • Bin Wang (Associate Professor of Economics)
  • Keith Ward (Assistant Professor of Management)
  • David Blair (Assessment Director)
  • Rebecca Frost Davis (Director of Instructional and Emerging Technologies)
  • Julie Sievers (Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence)
  • Tom Sullivan (Director of Student Life)

Members, Spring 2015

  • Peter Beck (Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Policy)
  • Matt Clements (Associate Professor of Economics)
  • Sara Gibson (Assistant Professor of Management)
  • Katie Peterson (Assistant Professor of Reading)
  • Mary Rist, Chair of Literature (Writing and Rhetoric and Professor of English Writing and Rhetoric)
  • Tricia Shepherd (Professor of Chemistry)
  • Jeannetta Williams (Associate Professore of Psychology)

Essential Learning Outcomes Academic Planning Group (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)

University Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

Grant Simpson
Dean and Professor of Education

Kris Sloan
Associate Professor of Education

Stacy Borasky
Associate Professor of Behavioral Science

Lynn Rudloff
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of English Writing and Rhetoric

Jason Callahan
Associate Professor of Natural Sciences

Sue Currey
Professor, New College

Sara Gibson
Assistant Professor of Management

Cory Lock
Director of General Education and Associate Professor of University Studies

David Blair
Director of Institutional Assessment

Peter Walsh
Director, Campus Ministry

Alicia Vela
Director, Residence Life