DRAFT SLOs and Other Requirements for Gen Ed Components

During the Fall of 2016 over 80 faculty and key staff worked in Requirement Development Committees (RDCs) to propose Student Learning Outcomes and other requirements for each of the components of the new general education curriculum.  GERC is currently in the process of seeking feedback on these requirements.  Schools will have the opportunity to weigh in with questions and concerns.  Additionally, all faculty and key staff will receive individual feedback surveys.  GERC will share feedback from the SEU community with the appropriate RDC groups and, when appropriate, ask for revisions.  The revised SLOs and other requirements will then go to Curriculum Committee and Academic Council.

DRAFTS of the requirements for each curriculum component are available here: DRAFT General Education Curriculum Component SLOs and Other Requirements


What’s Next for Requirement Development?

In Fall 2016 committees with multi-school representation (generally 3-6 members) convened to develop each of the components of the general education curriculum.  For more about that process, see this blog post, Development of Curriculum Framework Elements, and see our People page for a list of committee members.  Over 80 faculty members participated in process.  The committees drafted student learning outcomes (SLOs) and other course requirements.  Most groups have finished, but a few are still working.  So, what will happen next with the proposals crafted by these groups?  Here is a tentative timeline for approving that work.

End of January Requirement SLOs on GERC web site
February Dean input (school feedback)
February Survey of faculty (individual feedback)
March SLOs revised according to community feedback (if needed)
When changes are complete (late March/April): Proposed SLOs go to Curriculum Committee and then Academic Council
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