Straw Poll Follow-Up

On February 22, 2016 the General Education Advisory Committee (GERC) sent a survey to all SEU faculty and key staff members.  GERC reviewed both the data and written feedback from the survey, looking both for elements of the proposed curriculum framework that were not supported by the SEU community and for tangible themes in the feedback.  All comments were read multiple times and, where possible, placed in categories.  Results include: 

  • The curriculum framework had strong support among respondents.  Each element of the curriculum was fully supported by at least 75% of the respondents, with additional respondents expressing “I support, but with a change.”  Within specific curriculum elements, such as Content and Contexts or the Culminating Experience, GERC did not find any significant trends of concern.  Because of this widespread support, GERC opted not to change any aspects of the proposed curriculum framework.  
  • Some of the comments requested clarification about elements of the proposed curriculum.  GERC has compiled responses to the most frequent queries on its Frequently Asked Questions page.  If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact a GERC member directly.
  • Many other responses provided suggestions on implementation issues.  The next phase in curriculum development will involve further defining each concept/element of the proposed curriculum framework.  Implementation will require a new wave of elementspecific committees that “fill in the grid” of the framework.  From the survey feedback, GERC has compiled the major themes of such next phase-related feedback on the Suggestions for the Future page.  It is our intention that these suggestions be used by new groups of faculty as they develop the various elements of the curriculum.