Faculty Meeting Table Discussions

Discussion Questions

  1. Review the commonalities between the 3 curriculum plans.  Do you support these commonalities?  Any comments or questions? (10 mins)
  2. Our next step will be merging the 3 plans.  What strikes you as positive and distinctive within the specific plans?  In other words, what elements of a particular plan would you like to keep? (20 mins)
  3. The models seek to address the St. Edward’s mission and the UELOs.  Do you see ways in which this could be improved? (20 mins)

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Spiritual and Cultural Perspectives


Our next question of the week survey addresses the outcome, “Students will identify and analyze one’s own spiritual and cultural perspectives and demonstrate respect for other’s views and values.” Share your input on our brief survey here,  http://stedwards.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9Gr71p55wbmS7CB and/or join us for a live discussion on Friday, November 14, 2-3:30 pm in Fleck 314.

Please note that you can take this survey and all others at any point during Fall 2014, by visiting the Surveys and Events page of this website: https://sites.stedwards.edu/seugened/fall-faculty-feedback-schedule/

Share your feedback and expertise on the University Essential Learning Outcome (UELO) Question of the Week

question markIn the upcoming weeks, the General Education Renewal Committee GERC) will be conducting a series of short, five-minute “UELO Question of the Week” surveys, each focused upon a particular University Essential Learning Outcome.  The purpose of these brief surveys is to gather faculty feedback on how the general education curriculum can best address our university’s mission and learning goals. Continue reading