New Member of the General Education Revision Committee (GERC)

One new member has been named to the general education revision committee (GERC) for Spring 2017:
  • Bill Nichols (Associate Professor of Global Studies)
Bill served on Curriculum Models group that helped develop our general education framework and chaired the Global Perspectives Requirement Development Group.  In addition two former members have now returned:  Lynn Rudloff (Humanities) has rejoined GERC now that her sabbatical is over, and Michael Saclolo (Natural Sciences) has returned after teaching in Angers, France for the Fall 2016 semester.  For more information on who serves on various groups developing our general education curriculum, see our People page.

Curriculum Model Groups

In Spring 2015, three curriculum model groups are working to create potential models for the St. Edward’s University general education curriculum based on community feedback gathered in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 and best practices for general education.

Group Members are:

  • Peter Beck (Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Policy)
  • Matt Clements (Associate Professor of Economics)
  • Sara Gibson (Visiting Assistant Professor of Management)
  • Chuck Hauser (Associate Professor of Biology)
  • Laura Hernandez Ehrisman (Assistant Professor of University Studies)
  • Chad Long (Associate Professor of Political Science)
  • Stephanie Martinez (Associate Professor of Communication)
  • Bill Nichols (Associate Professor of Global Studies)
  • Todd Onderdonk (Associate Professor of University Studies)
  • Katie Peterson-Hernandez (Assistant Professor of Education)
  • Mary Rist (Chair of Literature, Writing and Rhetoric and Professor of English Writing and Rhetoric)
  • Alex Robinson (Assistant Professor of Art)
  • Lynn Rudloff (Associate Dean of Humanities and Associate Professor of English Writing and Rhetoric)
  • Michael Saclolo (Associate Professor of Mathematics)
  • Tricia Shepherd (Chair and Professor of Chemistry)
  • Jennifer Veninga (Assistant Professor of Religious and Theological Studies)
  • Keith Ward (Assistant Professor of Management)
  • Jeannetta Williams (Associate Professor of Psychology)