General Education Framework Passes

Faculty members at St. Edward’s University approved the proposed general education framework today in a vote of 131 Yes, 13 No, and 5 voting abstentions.  88% of those voting approved the framework.  On the decision of the Faculty Senate, the vote was assigned to the Collegium (consisting of full time faculty and adjunct faculty teaching at least 2 courses in this semester) and conducted electronically.  Failure to vote was considered an abstention.

Spring 2016 Update

During the Fall 2015 the Curriculum Models Group reviewed the feedback from the August 2015 General Faculty Meeting as well as the other feedback gathered from St. Edward’s University students, alumni, faculty and staff during the renewal process.  Specifically, committee members considered feedback on the 3 sample models and used it to shape a single Proposed Curriculum Model.

This model is being presented to SEU faculty in school meetings during the month of January.  Following these presentations, all SEU faculty and key staff members will be able to submit feedback in a February straw poll.  GERC will consider this feedback and address major concerns, then present a curriculum model for formal Senate vote in approximately March 2016.