Preliminary Results: Global/Moral Reasoning/Social Justice?

Students will integrate global perspectives and moral reasoning to make personal and professional decisions in pursuit of social justice.

Question 1. What demonstrable qualities of this outcome should a SEU graduate possess?


  • Second language proficiency
  • Ability to apply ethical analyses to resolve value conflicts through a multi-cultural lens
  • Study abroad service experience
  • Unbiased, informed, evidence-based critical analysis of all sides of an issue
  • Ability to evaluate the global impact of one’s own and others’ specific local actions on the natural and human world
  • Ability to analyze substantial connections between the world views, power structures, and experiences of multiple cultures historically or in contemporary contexts, incorporating respectful interactions with other cultures

Question 2. Please provide your views on how this outcome can best be achieved in general education and co-curricular programming.


  • More civic engagement courses/opportunities
  • Change ethics course to “Moral Reasoning and Social Justice”
  • Mandatory study abroad requirement of all students
  • Co-teach courses with faculty from other disciplines
  • Study abroad with a service component
  • Project based/ experiential learning
  • Undergraduate research
  • Explicitly scaffold elements within curricular and co-curricular programming


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