Durkee, October 2014

Hey yall! I am back again for an amazing blog! As promised last month I did get to go somewhere with tons of water!


The place that I went to was about three hours away! Y’all will never guess where it was so I might as well tell you!  I went to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical gardens. It was perfect weather there not at all like its been here in Austin. The weather was about  81 degrees and only 44% humidity which was a nice reprieve of the hot and blistering heat that we have been having here in the Austin area.  I went there on October 18th around 12 and stayed about 3 hours since there was so many things to look at! If y’all haven’t had the chance to get out there yet you should totally go! It is an experience that I wish I could have had more time to enjoy! I will assume that most of y’all haven’t been here so i will tell you a little about it. The Arboretum is situated on White Rock Lake which is a man made lake. Here is a picture with some of the sail boats that were out on the lake. It was so beautiful because you had the lake to one side and all these beautiful gardens to the other side. It is definitely worth the drive to see this wonderful place.


I first encountered these flowers when I entered the park. These flowers as the sign so eloquently put it are the “water smart plants” or as I like to call them drought resistant.


It is amazing how many drought resistant plants there were with in the Arboretum. It was refreshing to see that they were also considering the environment when planting things with in the gardens. The way everything was planted was so beautiful as well! The way the colors come together and how the plants just form a seamless change to the next zone.

The next flowers that I encountered were these amazing yellow colored flowers! To be honest I forgot their names but the vibrant  colors made me take a picture of them. I also had to take a picture of them due to the mist in the background that was keeping all the plants watered and at the optimal temperature in the warm Texas air.


I was fortunate enough to stumble along a more or less hidden garden with a beautiful statue of a lady. I ended up staying at a bench near by and enjoying the scenery around me as well as enjoying the peace and quiet that this spot brought upon me.


I was then in the area of all the water features! There were quite a few of them but each one was unique and beautiful.


This second one was my favorite out of all of them since it looked like it came out of a fairy tale.



The Dallas arboretum was a wonderful experience and one that I look forward to experiencing again when I am back in the area. I hope that the next month will be just as wonderful as this months entry! Knowing myself I sure to come up with some wonderful things for yall so just stay tuned for more adventures!  Just to finish off on a wonderful note here is another picture of my experience at the Dallas Arboretum.


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