Campus September

September 14th:

Whenever I am walking to and from class I never really pay attention to anything that is around me on campus. I am aware of the trees, birds and animals but not like right now. One of the perks of living on campus is how empty it becomes on the weekends. I am able to sit outside in quiet, occasionally the sound of cars driving on or off of campus, or the voices of people walking to get food from Jo’s interrupt my thoughts, but for the most part it is quiet. I can hear the birds in the trees, and watch and listen to the squirrels run through the branches of the trees, playing in the sunlight as I sit doing homework. It is a relaxing environment to just sit a enjoy for a while.

September 22nd:

I can’t think of a better way to finish a Sunday than walking around a quiet campus. Most people are inside studying or hating themselves for not starting on their homework before now. I walk around the track tonight, not as much to observe but I can hear nature all around me. A few birds are still calling out to each other as the sun’s rays start to disappear and become absorbed into the darkness. Now the chorus of insects start, I can’t really distinguish what insects are chirping, but I am pretty sure they are mostly crickets, welcoming the evening and cooler air. Not much cooler, but at least a little bit as the moon starts to rise. Part of me just wants to walk through the grass instead of on the path laid out for us, but I don’t want to run in to anything unwanted, like snakes. So I just wandered and listened.

September 28th:

There is a courtyard by my dorm, it is a nice place to sit with friends, but today I am just sitting out here to observe. The sound of traffic is almost constant in the background, but there are birds all around me, and even a few squirrels coming out of hiding as they see I am not here to bother them. It’s not the perfect nature place, but it isn’t completely with its loss of nature around it. Even though there are a few distractions with the traffic noise, it is a nice place to come out and observe.

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