Tijerina, August. Storm Ranch Dripping Springs.

For the Month of August I decided to accompany my friend to a hunting trip, even though I didn’t hunt during this trip I took this opportunity to observe and appreciate the wildlife in this 1,600 acres ranch located in Dripping Springs. We arrived on Saturday at 5 am, after a tour of the ranch we stop to go to the first blind spot. In order to get to the hunting blind we had to walked 500 meters through a gap in the wilderness, due that at that moment the sun was not still rising our walked to the blind was in complete darkness. This allow us to appreciate the wilderness with another senses, hearing and touching. After a long walk we finally got to the blind,  we stayed there for 4 hours waiting to see animals, mainly hogs.  During this cold and mist morning we didn’t had the opportunity to see any hog, rather we saw deer. One of my pleasures in life is to observe animals in their natural habitat, to see this deer in their own environment interacting with one another make me enjoy hunting trips. Even though I love hunting,  I respect wildlife and its surrounding, hunting is an activity in which when you do it with respect and seriousness is an activity very enjoyable. My friend and I love to see and appreciate the wilderness and the animals throughout our trips and we only hunt when we believe is appropriate as we only hunt to eat the animal.

During the afternoon our trip continue, the appreciation of  the environment became more visual that in the morning. In the ranch the whole ranch the vegetation was really similar and we only saw medium and small trees, trees that are grown in the entire zone. In this time of the year we can see that the trees and bushes have a greener color than in summer times, during summer you tend to see browner colors as the droughts in this areas tend to hit them real hard, thankfully we had the opportunity to attend the ranch in a rainy day which allow the trees to get a different image, a more vivid and cleaner image.  When the rain stop we could see a different atmosphere as if it the rain clean the whole ranch the colors after the rain where more colorful, a great experience.  The Ranch was in very good conditions and even though we didn’t hunt anything just the coexistant with the wilderness made our trip.

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