Morales, October 2014

This month, for my land ethic’s blog for October I decided to go back to the Greenbelt. I started at the Twin falls access insurance, heading parallel to leave 360, and I covered a mile and a half on the Scottish woods trail, heading away from Mopac /loop one. In the month of October, I went to collect data on Saturday the 4th at , Friday the 10th, Saturday the 18th, and Sunday the 26th. On October 4, I met up with a group of friends at Zilker Park, for Austin City Limits. The popular, over trafficked public park, was over run by herds of people that trampled the muddy ground till there was no grass visible in certain areas. During the day, trucks had to be brought in to draw out water from the ground. By the end of the day, in some areas, on step would cause your foot to sink in as much as two inches in the ground. Although it did not rain from noon till 11 at night the prior rain had a large impact and for most of the day the weather was overcast and cool. The temperature fluctuated from 71 degrees when I got there, reaching up to 79 degrees during the day, and as cool as 63 degrees once the sun went down, with wind gusts as high as 6 miles per hour.


The rest of the days I collected data, I went back to the Greenbelt. This month I was shocked by the Barton Creek river was. Most days when I went it was bone dry, only one day was I finding little puddles of water where it used to be. However the vegetation that with mine where the banks used to be still and did not appear to be affected by the loss of water. On Friday, October 10 I did go to the Greenbelt, a group of friends and I went at 3 PM the temperature fluctuated with in a few degrees at night while we were were there. It was this trip where I found puddles where micro organisms and dragonfly Buster around. There was an odd large amount of bees buzzing around relatively low. Meanwhile October 18, I went from approximately 3:30 to 5 in the afternoon. This day the temperature fluctuated from 77° to 78°, while barometric pressure is dropped, and with speeds were relatively low nonexistent. Sunday, October 26, I went with a friend at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and we stayed until five in the afternoon. Pressure was constant 29.9 and the windspeed stayed about 5 miles per hour.

IMG_4329IMG_4346IMG_4328 While I was there I found a learned trait plants. Although the buyer day versus fluctuated a lot given that there was not any plans in the writer bad because it was so dried out. Although I found a lot of plants on the river banks.  Particular was identified on snap has yellowwood (cladrastis lutea) or butternut hickory (caryatid cordiformis). Personally I believe the leachate is more like bitternut hickory, however unlike better not Hickory the leaves are grouped branches of three as pictured below.Other plants I found include Common Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana), Flowering dogwood (Cornus Florida), and American Elm (Ulmus American).

IMG_4322   IMG_4371IMG_4336IMG_4315

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on “Morales, October 2014
One Comment on “Morales, October 2014
  1. Fortunately, after walking a mile and a half on the river bed the only garbage I saw was one solitary water bottle. I walked the mile and half back on the trail. While there were still little bags filled with pet feces there were significantly less than last month.

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