Jaimes, Oct. 2014


Time: 5:30 -6:30

Humidity: 0%

” Science knows little about home range: how big it is at various seasons, what food and cover it must include, when and how it is defended against trespass, and whether ownership is an individual, family, or group affair. These are the fundamentals of animal economics, or ecology” (Leopold, 81).

For the month of October, I went to the same spot I went to the previous month. As I sat on the hill and looked at the greenery around me, I tried to point out if there were any differences compared to the month before. As I looked for differences, I could not find many. One of the reasons I thought about for not seeing any differences was that because I have been going to the same spot for several weeks now, I may not see the changes the same way I would see them if I only went to that spot once a month instead of once a week. Another reason for not seeing many changes was that the seasons have not completely changed which hasn’t cause the trees and plants to change. Most of the trees still look very green and filled with life. The ground looked very dry due to the lack of rain but the plants still looked healthy.

The biggest difference that I saw from the previous month was the dryness of the ground. The ground looked very dry, almost as if it would crack any minute. There were some areas where the ground was cracked but the area itself is a dry area. There are a lot of rocks and I only saw patches of grass and weeds but not an actual grassland. I also noticed that the bark on the trees is very rough and thin. The trees in the area are not very tall or big trees. The branches are very thin and long. While I sat at a spot on top of the hill and looked down, I noticed some small birds flying to some of the trees. The birds were very small and were of a dark brown and gray color. I do not know the name of the type of bird it is but I did see many of them there. I saw the birds nest but I could not get close enough to the nest and the quality of the camera on my phone also could not capture it.

I also tried to enjoy the weather while I wrote down notes based on what I saw. There was a light breeze and the sun was bright but because of a building nearby, I was under the shade. The weather was very comfortable. It was not too hot like the summer days, but it was also not cool; it was just very warm.

With the pictures that I took, I tried to capture the qualities that I wanted to talk about in this journal. I tried to show how rocky the area is and how the trees are not very tall.  The colors are still very bright and you can still see a lot of green.


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