Cynthia Gurrola – September

The Ann and Roy Butler Trail at Longhorn Shores has been my nature sanctuary for long.  It is the “secret place” that evokes my inspiration and often soothes my soul by acting as refuge from the outer world.

On September 26, 2013, I got there about a half hour before sundown to catch the last glimpse of daylight. Recent surgery made the journey there less active this time (I usually ride there on my mountain bike with my leather exploring bag packed with a book inside) Yet, arriving at this site was exciting as always.

After some minimal walking examining and photographing the different vegetation of the area, I decided to camp down and capture the sun descending.

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Time-lapse Sunset on Sep 26

The water was gently rippling toward the sun and the massive dusk clouds embarked on their journey east.

As the cool breeze and the moon were gently taking over, the creatures of the area prepared for night fall. Tiny ants were working away, runners sprinting by aside their tail-wagging companions, birds caroling their last melody, all excited with the beginning of Fall.

Needless to say, this place always strikes me with awe. I am thrilled for the change of season and are looking forward to the leaves new color palette.

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