It was September 21st. There had been a huge storm the night before and with that a cold front remained. I hadn’t actually gotten around to taking notice of what was going on outside until I got off work that afternoon. When I finally got home, the first thing I noticed was an incredibly loud buzzing. I figured either my ears were ringing or some little critter was flying around my head. To my surprise, it was actually huge swarms of beetles all around my house and the surrounding houses. I looked up and saw nothing but beetles running into anything and everything they could. Fat, green beetles were flying around in such copious amounts that they were as easily distinguishable as as creatures 10 times bigger than them. I’m honestly not sure if it was the rain or the cold front settling in by mid-afternoon, but either way it was bizarre. Not too long after that I visited my boss’s land in Mustang Ridge about 20 minutes outside of Lockhart. They have about 80 beehives they tend to out there, along with various kinds of wasps, stray cats, feral cats, feral humans, etc. The point is that I’m far more used to dozens of insects flying around and bumping into things out there, however on this particular day they weren’t nearly as excited as usual. Their house is about 40 minutes southeast of mine and yet the behaviors and types of insects found in these not so far vicinities was drastically different. This attention to detail made the next day appear more vivid, seeing as it was the first day of fall.

While on the subject of seasons changing and what have you, one of my roommates attempted to start a garden in our backyard about a month before summer started but he went to South America for the summer, and it just kind of got left behind. Among the things that were left unkept was this watering can that has now been overgrown and basically become a part of the backyard itself as well as a kind of remnant of the summer.

I’m not sure why it’s not rotated…


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