Ramirez, January '15

1/20/15 – (30″13’57” N, 97″44’53” W) Blunn Creek

55F [The Cliff]

Winter has taken a toll on my favorite spot here. Some trees in the distance are still bare with the memory of the past seasons. The creek itself is plentifully flowing with water, and the biodiversity is strong. I can easily hear and see birds, the stream, and the smaller creatures rustling on through. That which has flourishes to greener tones seems as lush as ever. There are few clouds in the sky; precipitation, although the rain has abandoned us once again, the moist air is lush with life. Nature is very noticeably growing in the preserve this time of year. Rainfall has affected the area alongside these last two days of brightness. Today being early into the third. The stones are recolored with moss. The warmth is slowly but surely rising.


“The evolution of a land ethic is an intellectual as well as emotional process. Conservation is paved with good intentions which prove to be futile, or even dangerous, becasue they are devoid of critical undesrstanding either of the land, or of the economic land-use.”

-Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

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