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I went to the Greenbelt after a large storm a week or two ago in high hopes for the creek that flows through the middle of the park would be full and thriving with life; I was not disappointed. It’s  not far from the school and its beautiful to visit on any day. Due to Texas being as hot as it is, it is hard to visit when the creek is full and flowing unless you visit after a storm. After a storm the weather and air feel amazing and the Greenbelt flourishes with energy; though it may be a bit muddy after a storm, it is none the less beautiful.

This is where the Greenbelt is located, as I said it’s not too far from the campus.


When I was there I felt at peace. Its crazy that the Greenbelt is right in the middle of two major highways but when you get down the steep trail to the creek at the bottom then it is peaceful and quiet. You can really hear nature and surprisingly it is extremely clean and not littered. When you are down there it is beautiful and I agree with Aldo Leopold’s quote “We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” This quote directly explains why the Greenbelt is still there; without people who care for nature then the Greenbelt probably would have already became just another highway for the busy traffic off of Capital of Texas Highway.

So my girlfriend and I often go hike and the Greenbelt is our number one spot to go. We hike to the creek and just sit by the water’s edge and watch everything around us. Its nice and peaceful and really gives you an amazing place to talk and picnic. We often have a rock we go and sit on for a nice lunch.


When sitting there you can hear the birds chirping and the water flowing and it all is just so amazing to take in. It was amazing. My girlfriend and I just sat there for an hour and a half listening to everything around us. The water was flowing and it made this pool that I really wish I could have just jumped in and started swimming. The pool is probably about six to eight feet deep so it would be a nice little area to swim. Sadly it was way too cold that day; I believe it was almost forty degrees up at the highway, I could imagine it was cooler down in the creek bed.


The Greenbelt will be the place I go to over and over. I love it there and I still haven’t explored it completely. Each post will be about somewhere different. There are caves and all sorts of big trees there. It will be a little adventure that my girlfriend and I get to embark on and have fun experiencing the beauty of nature.


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