For this month’s blog, I wasn’t planning on doing it on campus, but I found a really beautiful spot while I was walking so I decided to stop. This is exactly by Fleck hall it’s mostly all grass with a few trees. The first time I sat and observed, the weather was pretty hot, it was 78 degrees, and both times I went, the sky was totally clear with no clouds at all. I could hear people passing by either going up to the library or out of campus. There were also many cars that passed by on the road, either coming in or out of campus. But overall, the area I picked was way more quieter compared to the rest of campus. I love October because I find the weather perfect, not too hot and not too cold.


The second day I went it was 71 degrees, there was quite a lot of wind and the sky was clear. This area is almost always quiet because no one hangs out here much, but today is a Friday so I barely saw people pass by on the sidewalk and there were also hardly any cars passing by.

The thing that attracted me most to this area was this oak tree. The way the sun shined behind it made it even more beautiful than it already is. I noticed many birds flying and some on the grass, and I also saw a squirrel by the tree. The squirrel noticed me and avoided coming close to me. The birds weren’t as afraid as the squirrel.

photo 3


This was the only picture that shows the squirrel clearly, the others were blurred from how much it kept moving. The both times I went, I only saw one squirrel around the big oak tree. There were more on the land across the road where there was a bunch more of trees.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 7.46.22 PM

There were 6 birds like these flying around and jumping around the grass.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 7.45.56 PM

This is the other tree that was in the grassland; it was close to the Fleck Hall sign. Even though this area on campus is mainly just grass and quiet, I found it very relaxing every time I sat under the tree. The grass looked endless and was very beautiful. This was the first time I realized how much I love this area, and will definitely spend more of my time there. It’s very empty (where I was sitting), and there’s also not a drop of litter anywhere, only a huge field of grass. I didn’t spot any insects around me, but I’m sure if I went at night, it would be filled with crickets and all sorts of other insects.

photo 4

“Our ability to perceive quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty. It expands through successive stages of the beautiful to values as yet uncaptured by language.” – Aldo Leopold A Sand County Almanac

I picked this quote because this was the first time I appreciated being in nature so much, and I noticed there is nothing actually more beautiful than nature.

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