Chavez, October 2014

During the month of October I decided to continue going to Town Lake here in Downtown Austin. The temperature had been around 93 degrees at the beginning of the month with a clear sky, sunny, and a little breeze but still hot. However as the month passed the temperature has been decreasing to almost middle 60 degrees. The grass is still very green and there are many of small insects flying over the grass and shrubs. The trees are also very green too and the water at Town Lake is very calm. The water and the temperature have still been perfect for our dog Calvin to swim around and refresh himself, before the winter begins here. There were other people with dogs also getting inside the lake, which was very enjoyable as I really love how dogs are able to swim at the lake and they can enjoy nature too. One of the days that I visited the lake I was able to observe many black birds, which I am unaware of what type of species they are, however they were making loud noises and would fly in between the trees. The color of the water of the lake was different shades of green, as well as the plants and grass that are inside and along the sides of the lake.

At the beginning of this month several construction projects were being done in the trail of the Town Lake, which had several parts closed, and made me remember of one of the important topics discussed in the book A Sand County Almanac. Our society has invaded our environment with construction and technology and has made us forget and appreciate the small parts that are left in our city with nature. The quote said this: “Civilization has so cluttered this elemental man-earth relationship with gadgets and middlemen that awareness of it is growing dim. We fancy that industry supports us, forgetting what supports industry.” This is a very true fact as we are forgetting to remember where everything comes from and have been focusing on constructing and becoming a more industrial city. People have been focusing their attitudes towards a more industrialized and technological society, which is not worn into a certain point as it benefits our society, however when that modernization to our society disrupts nature and its environment, that is when we have to be alert on the consequences we are doing to our world.

“The problem, then, is how to bring about a striving for harmony with land among a people many of whom have forgotten there is any such thing as land, among whom education and culture have become almost synonymous with landlessness. This is the problem of conservation education.”

This quote summarizes the fact that we have forgotten to educate the conservation of our nature. The point of this quotes to my experiences of this month in Town Lake can be associated to the fact that even though they only disrupted a certain part of the lake and the park, our society can start doing the same thing in other parts of the park. Town Lake is a very beautiful place where both people and animals can enjoy, and it would be very disappointing if our society disrupts this beautiful part of our city.

town lake 2

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