Pbarbans : October 2014

Week 1 :

This week I was surprising again about the sky on the Wednesday. Here the shy’s color is just awesome. I never see a blue like that for a sky and almost every day it’s the same. No clouds, a perfect blue, intense. I was discussing with some other french students about it and that’s right, here there is a particular sky, with a beautiful color. It’s the first place than I never seen like that. People who are living here are lucky.

DSC01538 copy

Week 2 :

This week i was skateboarding in the campus around 11 pm the 7, and i saw the moon. A perfect circle, I’m fascinated by the moon because to me it’s a strange facts to be able to see a other “planet”. It is not a planet but looks like one, and when the moon is a perfect circle we can see all the impacts on it, and that it’s really beautiful. Also to see it during the day it’s awesome.

DSC01604 DSC01602

Week 3 :

This week on the morning I was walking on the campus on sunday around 8-9 am. And I could see the nature at the morning, with nobody out side, the silence and the calm, we can hear only the nature talk. It’s a real moment of peace, I really like to do that.

DSC01535 copy DSC01577 DSC01576 DSC01580 DSC01581

Week 4 :

This week again i was walking in the campus on the morning around 7:30-8:00 am to look the nature wake up and more the flower because I think than flower are really beautiful on the morning when they are opening, also with the sun it’s beautiful, we can found a lot of color and (last picture) ¬†on a same flower different color that is interesting why this flower produce a violet and with color? Again a moment of peace.

DSC01537 copy DSC01550 DSC01559 DSC01561 DSC01566 DSC01570 DSC01594 DSC01598

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