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On March 31, 2014 I ventured back to the part of the forest where I first started documenting in late December. The weather was exceptionally nice with a heavy wind and a partly cloudy sky. It was exceptionally warm at 84 degrees.┬áLife seemed to be in abundance today unlike the deserted landscape I had seen just a few short months ago. I saw heaps of butterflies as well as bees flying around all of the blossoming plants. Blue bonnets were everywhere and the trees were finally starting to bloom. Birds were chirping loudly and squirrels were scurrying about as well. It was a beautiful day to go into nature. Flowers were popping up everywhere it was amazing that they hadn’t crowded each other out. “There are other plants who seem to ask of this world not riches but room” (SCA 103). I cannot wait to see what next month holds for this forest.


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