March blog

Currently is it 4:30, and I decided to do my nature blog at a park near my house that on West Campus. At first when I sat down and just listened all I could hear where the cars driving by, so I moved myself deeper into the park. Lucky the noise got a lot better. The current is 82 degrees with a very nice breeze. It is partly coldly but the sun is shining very strong. Every now and then someone runs by, which is the reason the wildlife seems to be slim. I’m seeing a squirrel run by. Is it very green right now. The terrain is just a lot of little hills and dips. I looked around and I found a creek but the water looked very. The time is 5:17 and it still feels great, I am sitting by a tree that is dropping a lot of little white flower with a yellow middle and there are also a lot of bees hovering, I am assuming because of the flowers. The trail is still near me though, but a lot less people now then in my previous spot. The time is 5:33 pm and I am packing my things to finish up.image

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