Clabby March

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Like many other Austinites in this beautiful time of year, I spent the past month enjoying the vibrant bluebonnets on the outskirts of the St. Edward’s campus. I’m overjoyed that it’s finally looking like spring, and I’ve felt privileged to witness the area blooming with life: bluebonnets, wildflowers, flowers budding on trees, and other green signs of new life. Sitting in the grass, I could feel the sun’s warmth nourishing every eager young plant opening its leaves to the light for the very first time. I could feel its yellow tint being soaked into the small flowers which cover the ground and many trees in blue, purple, yellow, red, orange and white. It’s almost like a quiet social movement, which is just reaching the beginning of its harmonic crescendo. This incredible symphony is accompanied by the wind as it rushes through the trees, brushes people’s hair and touches everything in nature. While I photographed the landscape, I felt like I had been given a uniquely photogenic crowd, whom I was blessed to witness.

Although the flora blew me away, the animals and insects seem to be enjoying the beautiful season as well. I watched a pair of squirrels banter and chase each other up an oak tree. I also watched two ink-black grackles “descending in majestic spirals” through the fading blue sky (159). This is my favorite season, and I’m delighted to actively share it with so many others. I’m learning to

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