2 thoughts on “Student Survey

  1. The Student Survey under-represents the MSB by 8% and over-represents BSS by 5%. These are the largest schools (54%) of the UNCL and should be closer to their actual proportions in the population. These errors may also account for the large gender disparities in the survey against the actual fact-book numbers. I caution using the results of the survey for anything other than context.

  2. Hi Brian,
    Thanks so much for your feedback. You are right on point regarding population representation. And, as a committee, we took that limitation seriously. While we were pleased with the overall response rate and depth of information generated, we were also very cautious not to use the results in any way that could convey implications beyond providing informative insights. That is, we viewed them as one piece of our multi-modal data collection efforts, and as you mention, providing context for discussion.
    Hope all is well and please let us know if we can provide additional information.

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