Greg Harrow January 2015 Post

image1 (1) image1 image2 image3Over this past month, I’ve got to explore one of my new favorite spots in Austin, The Green Belt. I’ve never been there until just recently so I was very eager to see what we were exploring today. I was not let down. The green belt is an absolutely beautiful place and somewhere I will definitely be spending a lot of time at. I went on a Monday around 5:30 so I  got to see in my opinion  Austin at one of its most beautiful times, when the sun is setting.  The sunset and the clouds around made the sky absolutely gorgeous. It was 70 degrees Fahrenheit and partly cloudy.  Just sitting out in nature like that was just so surreal. As we continued down the trail, we got to go by the creak where the current was extremely strong and loud but just so cool to watch. It wasn’t very crowded, people dispersed kinda all around the place some running with dogs, some just walking around just taking in the beautiful scenery. In the background of the greenbelt you could see beautiful house’s and a very rich and green forest. I had an absolutely incredible time and can not wait for the next place I get to travel too. To quote The Sand County Almanac “January observation can be almost as simple and peaceful as snow, and almost as continuous as cold. There is time not only to see who has done what, but to speculate why.” (Pg 4 SCA)

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