Luis Ortega January 31 North West Texas

I set off from the ranch house at 7:30 AM. The sun was yet to come out. I would meet the owner of the ranch later on in the morning to get the horses. But for now I just set off to an unused field about a mile away.


The sky had beautiful hues of blue and pinkish red. The air was brisk and a lot cleaner than in the city. The ranch house was the only human structure for miles. So for once, it was nice to be completely removed from the noises of modern society.

The landscape was pretty barren. Cedar trees were spread out throughout. In the distance, there are some hills which are more densely covered by the cedar trees.

When I got to the field, I found a nice spot and sat down. The earth was rich, and red. Birds that I could not identify were waking up on the tree line which was two hundred yards or so away. Tall grass surrounded me and provided most of the noises which I could hear. The way they rustled in the wind was soothing, and made me feel comfortable .


A rabbit poked his head out from among the tall grass. He was inquisitive in nature, and spent a few moments investigating his nearby surroundings before disappearing again into the grass. He would be the only animal I would come into contact with for this hour of observation. I found some deer droppings, which were relatively fresh. So I knew that sometime during the night a doe or a deer had come onto the field to graze.



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