Green Belt

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” 

The Green Belt has various nature scenarios and is a pretty and peaceful place. My first trip down as I was walking down the rocky hill to get to the trail there were bright yellow flowers in bushes. You could see bees buzzing around the bush of flowers and at times the buzz came in waves. The flowers were small with long petals and had a dense core where the bees were taking the nectar. From afar you can here a river flowing, which was calming and soothing. You could here signs of life, crickets maybe and small animals moving slightly through the bushes.


When you get the bottom on the rocky hill on to the rail there is a canopy of trees created. As I stood there branches swallowed me over my head and bushes on my side. Light penetrated through the branches over me because they were less dense. The air smelt of wet decomposing animals, it was musty and unbearable at times. Once again you could hear the river flowing as the bushes rubbed on to each other as a light breeze passed. I could hear birds and the voices of people echoing next to the river. There were dead longs and branches on the ground decomposing.


The river was drying up, I walked this green last May and the water flowed several miles just after walking 2 miles I could not hear the river anymore. As I walked back and heard the water again I took my reflection next to the water. The closer I got the river the smell was very hash, the decomposition happening must be horrible. The water was green and brown. The brushes are the water looked like they were dying. All I saw in the water was algae, I believe nothing living as far as I could see. There were the small yellow flowers I had seen at the beginning of the trail the week before. I wonder what happened to the water flow, if it is all the result of the drought that had occurred.


The most interesting thing I observed is the root’s that are growing through the rocks the trail through rocks. The way they move or push around their environment to grow is very impressive. I wondered if it was because they were looking for my nutrients or space. There were also small herbs, fully formed leaves growing through the branches the closer you looked the more fascinating it was. Where did these weeds get enough soil and nutrients to grow, it was a very interesting nature experience.IMG_8814 IMG_8823 IMG_8825 IMG_8876 IMG_8890

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