Benites, October 2014

During this month the tree’s start losing their leaves, and the weather gets colder in the early morning and nights. This for me has created a sense of calm in the environment, and I think is created by the scarcity of insect who were present the past month and in the begging of this month of October. I found interesting how the wild life can change so quickly in such an small environment which the small local neighborhood, because last month while taking my dog out for a walk I saw more than 2 or 3 types of insects and more 2 variety of birds flying around the area including a opossum. Now every time I go for a walk with my dog I try to look for some insect or different animals around the area but with out any success.

One of the first things that I notices this month was that most of the insect and animals that were presented in the local neighborhood park through the day and night are mostly gone. Three weeks ago the local neighborhood park was infested with scarab’s to the point that it was uncomfortable to be in the park, and now a rarely see no more than ten in the entire day. Also two weeks ago the same infestation appear but with crickets it was a massive amount of crickets every where not just in the neighborhood park, During this time the I started noticed presence of more different types of birds flying around the area, and most of the time these birds where more close to the ground, and during this past week when the weather got colder this interactive diversity is less than the past few weeks reflected by the climate change, which is also a big factor of the falling leaves of the trees, the dry ground is responsible because the leaves does not receive enough water.

Thus it is that good pine now stand between the cow and the blizzard, just as good oak stands between the blizzard and me.

A Sand County Almanac, Leopold, Aldo

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