April/May, Malone

Mid April and the weather still fluctuates but luckily for us it’s now a battle royal between the sun and the rain. Temperatures have now gone from freezing to scorching hot, with no in between and no fair warning, but with all the animals coming out to play and and the flowers finally showing their beautiful faces who could complain? In the month of April trees blossomed as quickly as a single breath, as if in the beginning of time, when God said and there was. Blue bonnets came and touched the hearts of many, but just as quickly as spring rolled around they left.
The return of spring meant the end of hibernation for all. The once-vacant streets and fields now overflowed with tanning, playful college students impatiently awaiting the arrival of summer because even more importantly than beautiful hot weather it meant no classes and going home. 
Before the assignment to write these blogs, I never really took the time out to notice how amazing Mother Nature and the world in general is — how everything, including ourselves, adapts to fit the ever-changing seasons.Writing the blogs has helped me gain more of an appreciation not only for my home environment but also realizing that there is beauty everywhere, even in the harshness of winter and the overwhelming heat of summer beauty lies in everything. “The good life of any river may depend on the perception of its music; and the preservation of some music to perceive.” 
― Aldo LeopoldIMG_0480 IMG_4326 IMG_5114

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