Andrew Malesky Blog post 4.

This time around, Andre and I went to Blunn Creek together. Blunn Creek is seriously marvelous. It is such an interesting place, and a great quiet place for students to go and relax during stressful classes. The view is absolutely out of this world, it is such an amazing place to visit.

Walking along the trails, there are tons of trees, and plenty of wild life. While walking, at this time, it sounded as if there were coyotes, and of course, the common squirrel. There were also a ton of birds flying about, and I even saw a cardinal or two.

This is truly a remarkable spot, because it feels as though youre not quite in the city anymore. And it seems like it is an untapped part of nature still. You can hear the stream quietly flowing about, and if you can climb down to the stream, it is always extremely enjoyable to walk along the stream. And, while walking along this stream, it got me thinking about class, and talking about climate change, and what this place would like if climate change was intensified tenfold.

Just today the hill country was considered in an exceptional drought, and thats pretty scary to think about.

-Andrew Malesky.



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