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For the final trip out to the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve this semester, I was happy to observe how much the area had changed since the first time I observed the ecosystem. Immediately I was surprised to see how much all the plants and flowers had grown and bloomed. The cacti that was at the beginning at of the trail started off my walk on a good note because of all the various bright yellow flowers growing on it. As I started along the trail, some of the taller trees and plants were branched out into the trail forcing me to duck and dodge their branches and leaves. Only one or two flowers seemed to dominate the nature preserve as there seemed to be multiple large areas that were all along the trail. Lots of butterflies and bees were flying about as I continued strolling down the path. Yellow, orange, red, and green were just some of the colors presented by this environment which showed me that within only a few months, such a small area can have a rapid alteration in its surroundings. Nearly every part of the nature preserve appeared to have even a slight change. The humidity, in addition to the little sweat droplets forming on my forehead, in the air made me remember that it was about to be summer and how spring was ending so that lead me to think this was the reason as to why I didn’t see as many little animals moving around like my last visit. A couple were still noticeable, but rather only bees, bugs, and butterflies made sure their presence was well known. Practically no visibly brown-colored trees were prominent down the trail as a lively, green coat of growth seemed to cover all of the plants and trees. Therefore after four months of observing the growth of these various plants in this specific ecosystem, I am able to observe how the weather from a day to day perspective is affecting the daily activities throughout the ecosystem as well as what the numerous outside factors applying pressure giving a long-term effect to the overall area. The noise from the traffic and other human activities I know from previously acquired knowledge does indeed have an affect on the environment. However, from this short four month observation period I was unable to notice any of the broader scale effects these human caused pressure activities had on the plants’  and animals’ habitat.  Even though I did not notice much change in the overall human effects we are having on the environment in this short period, does not mean that there still is not some alterations taking place at any moment. This leads us to developing a continuously conscious thought process for anything we do that may result in harming other ecosystems. Aldo Leopold first thought of this theory. Everyone should uphold his land ethic and responsibilities people should establish for the environment around us. Leopold continues to teach us the ways of nature through powerful statements of his such as “ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching- even when doing the wrong thing is legal.” If we are good to the world, then the world will be good to us in return.


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