Lilley, May



Throughout my semester taking Environmental Science i have learned a multitude of things that have diversified my perspective about life overall. This course has helped me to better understand humans effect on the world, it has made me more aware of the ecological issues on earth today, it has also helped me to gain more awareness for how I can do my own part to help to reduce the stress put on our world by being more environmental. The months of April and May have been some of the most difficult months for me not only because its close to the end of the school year but also because my Allergies have began to become tremendously irritating to deal with. Since a young age i have had allergies but they have become even more difficult to deal with in the last few months because of the presence of cedar in the atmosphere. But the one positive thing that has come from my experiences this spring was the beautiful views I have been able to gain through this spring season. Because I have taken this environmental science class I have gained a larger appreciation for the beauty that nature truly gives us and I hope to hold on to that perspective for the rest of my life.

-Quinton D Lilley


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