Hundley – March

My latest trip to Blunn Creek was pretty nice; the colors have changed noticeably and more and more types of plants are springing back to life. Unlike February, however, I didn’t see a single animal during my trip except for a few small, finch-esque birds. Since it’s spring here in Texas, the bluebonnets have taken over the preserve on any open patch of grass that they can find. Upon my visit, I actually decided to sit in them for a while and relax to watch the sunset. The air was noticeably chilly (as you can see from the temperatures below) and it was a sign that the cool, spring mornings and eveningsĀ that everyone loves are here at last. While I was in the preserve, I was surprised because I didn’t see a single other person. March is a very beautiful because it’s the lands transition from bitterness to better-ness. As Aldo Leopold writes in A Sand County Almanac, “a March morning is only as drab as he who walks in it without a glance skyward…” The sunset was a nice tint of orange, almost a papaya-orange and all-in-all, it was a great way to end the day.


March 31, 2014

High Temp: 76 Low Temp: 64 Current Temp: 68 // Sunny, slightly overcast with a breeze coming from the West.

Blunn Creek Bluebonnets

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