March, Bisaga

//Spring Break
//Eisenhower State Park

” I am glad I will not be young in a future without wilderness.”

This is my first time camping and I’m really looking forward to it. The plan is to spend four days during Spring Break outdoors. We drive up to Eisenhower State Park, near the Texas-Oklahoma border. Our car kicks up dust as we drive up to the office to check in. We spend the rest of our daylight pitching a tent and lighting a fire.

The next day we go exploring. We find the rocky beach off a hiking tail. Exploring the area, we discover various varieties of rock. Peppered at our feet are fossil imprints. Some remain unweathered and textured as if the creature were alive. Everywhere we step on this beach, we find a new treasure. Whether it be a sanded piece of sea glass or more fossils, we are constantly fascinated by our surroundings.

Then we find the biggest treasure of all: a massive sandstone cave. This frail rock has been here thousands of years, many of them spent underwater. Now it stands tall,  out of the water, sheltering tourists from sun exposure. The walls reveal even more wonder. Carved on every surface are names, dates, and short mantras. The wall proclaims the eternal love of couples and someone’s devotion to Jesus. Other parts brag names in large, obnoxious letters.

With the sun setting behind us, we walk back to out campsite, tired and content. That night we roast weenies on a fire until they’re charred black and set marshmallows ablaze. I savor the endless hours spent outdoors. Not only is this an escape from humanity, but it is someplace to connect to nature. Replacing our everyday context with a peaceful environment leaves room to gaze inside ourselves. Spending time outdoors removes distraction from our lives and allows up to contemplate and improve on our lives and actions. I will definitely be camping again soon.

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