Green Belt

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A sunny but cloudy day, I went down to green belt to take a hike as I was walking down the boulders to find the trail. The view was beautiful. As the clouds kiss the hills in the background and the wind was blowing softly through the trees. The birds were singing and you could here the river from afar. The breeze as I found the trail was soothing and cool. The trail took about 20mins to get the river. On the way there the tree branches overlapped to form a cover about 10 feet tall. The roots were popping out the ground making it hard to walk through the trail. There were also herbs and plants growing on the side.


As I stand at the edge of this river and the water is rushing through the rocks forming various water patterns. Adults, children, and dog are jumping around the shallow parts of the river. The river is about 10 feet wide; on both sides there are big heavy trees. As I stand with life happening around me. I find this to be such a beautiful site. What we were looking at and Mother Nature purely made what we were standing on; the clear water running down stream made very interesting wave patterns that interested me. I started to wondering how long it took the water to get to this part of the river and where was the source of the water.


Today is a quiet day there are barely any people in site. The water is running calmly through the rocks in to a larger pool or water with no rocks. This time I went further down the river. The atmosphere is serine and comforting. The noise the water makes as it flows kind of takes you to a different place in your mind. Today there is no wind. The trees are still, it sounds like there are small animals moving in the forest behind me.


Aldo Leopold said ‘Some paintings become famous because, being durable, they are viewed by successive generation, in each of which are likely to be found a few appreciative eyes” (pg 51) I think this quote can be transferred to the beauty of nature. These natural landscapes we see that are beautiful have been around for decades, but we appreciate them more because we have the appraisal of people in power, or the media that actually publicizes them, but we ourselves have to determine what in nature we actually find beautiful.


This river is in the middle of two hills, the rocks and the depth you feel as you stand by it makes you feel smaller than you are. You can tell the drought has taken its toll on the river because there is some dried out areas and the water platform looks lower. However, It was still a beautiful site to see.

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