Rudder, February

Temp: 70


Bull Creek Park

It was around mid-day when I went to visit Bull Creek. I was sitting in the same spot that I sat the last time I was there. The water was still freezing. It was a very peaceful day and there was more bird activity than that last time I was there. There was also some dog roaming around in the water. I then walked up the creek barefoot and it felt good. I noticed some puddles in the rock that had a red tint to it. I thought it was pretty interesting to see. I had never experienced the other side of the creek. The water was flowing down smoothly. I noticed a yellow butterfly minding its own business. I wanted to follow the butterfly but it went it off in a direction that I was not going. The trail then led me to a mini waterfall. I love the sound when the water falls from one level to the next. The color of the water is the prettiest color I have ever seen.

IMG_9580 copy

IMG_6543 copy

Lake Travis

One day I was in the Cedar Park area and I visited Lake Travis. I have not seen the lake since Labor Day weekend. The water level has gone down a lot since then. I was at my uncle’s parents’ house where the water would be past their dock but since has gone down. The sun was going down and the scenery was beautiful. I saw a couple of birds flying in the air.

Wilderness is the raw material out of which man has hammered the artifact called civilization – Aldo Leopold

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