Dalton -2/21/14- Report #2





Last Friday afternoon, after waking up from an shamefully long nap, I decided to venture outdoors so I may begin blog post #2. Though I was tempted to find a new location, I decided to return to the same location as blog post #1 so that I may keep the blog more consistent. I took the road less traveled..and it has made no difference…just kidding the environment had significantly changed since my last visit.

I’m not quite sure if it’s just Austin or everywhere in Texas seems to be receiving nice weather so often lately.




The weather seemed perfect, I wore a pair of cheap sunglasses because I sat on my good pair-haha. I wore high tops again because my actual work-out shoes are way to slippery for Blunn Creek. It’s strange to think my shoes meant for physical activity aren’t fit for the terrain here.


So I took the same path as last time, and found my self at what I like to thing is the best overlook of Blunn Creek. I always hear and see a variety of things from this mountain top. Today I heard whistles and what sounded like a football team practicing near by. Maybe it was a different sport event , I was hearing from all the way from St. Edward’s? I never found out. Occasionally I heard a couple joggers pass by. I wonder if I could write an effective blog post, if I merely worked out in Blunn Creek?

filter of lies>>>?

filter of lies>>>?


Above is a photo I posted of the overlook, but I filtered it…is that unethical or misleading? Is this blog a factual report or creative account?I wondered this as I sat on the dirt edge of the overlook.

The gadgets of industry bring us much more comforts than the pigeons did, but do they add as much glory to the spring?


Springs seems to be kicking into full gear in Blunn Creek, things are much greener than my last visit. I also hear more wildlife rustling about the forest.

Here is the terrain of the environment close up that happens to include my socks with foxes on them. Not that my blog posts isn’t secretly becoming about socks or anything…

do u like these or the last ones in my blog post better ....admire the terrain though

do u like these or the last ones in my blog post better ….admire the terrain though




The sky blue and clear above me. The tree branches that hung over my head were part of an unidentifiable tree to me? I wonder what type of tree this is, perhaps I will bring a plant almanac with me next visit.

cool burr things..?

cool burr things..?

One great thing I noticed when I began my walk to Blunn Creek was…


state flowerBlue bonnets!! I guess they have begun to bloom, a cool rare indigenous plant that still blooms on the St.Edward’s campus. I’m glad there considerate enough to still allow our state’s favorite indigenous flower still thrive….kidding

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