Crucet – February

After a cold start to February, two weeks into February it begins to warm up. The water is still very cold but the sun seems to be warming it slowly from previous days. It is still a murky color from construction upstream. IMG_7049

Algea has began growing on the bottom of the creek in some spots as well. Birds and squirrels are everywhere in search for food.



Five days later it warmed up even more to the high seventies, the most beautiful day of the month so far. Berries have began to bloom on a plant nearby.

The algae has continued to grow on the bottom of the creek. Now covering the entire river and preventing the water from flowing. The water is at a stand still and trash is beginning to collect up stream. Hopefully this algea will be washed away in the next storm.


It appears an opossums life was cut short on his way home last night. Leaves me wondering how many other dead animals are within this creekside.


On the second to last day of the month the sun came back out. Even though it in in the low forties it is a beautiful day. The storm from two nights ago must have washed all of the algae away as well. The creek looks way cleaner and much prettier.

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