Lilley, February

photoFebruary here in Austin Texas has been by far the most interesting month I’ve experienced. Since the beginning of the month we have had heat, wind, rain, ice, and snow. I sat in my room thinking “Man, I wonder what kind of weather we will get tomorrow.” Personally being from Southern California I’ve grown to become complacent with one or two true seasons in a calendar year. But clearly Texas had other ideas for me personally. Because I had never experienced such drastic changes in temperature, breeze, and precipitation in my life! February has helped me to grow to appreciate watching the weather channel before leaving for class. The weather has also helped me to appreciate rain fall. The more that it rains here in Austin the more i know that all the drought-ed areas of central Texas have become relieved. Rain in my eyes represents new life. Water is one of the necessary needs for life to thrive and because rain has brought water to the areas new plans and seeds can grow and make new nature throughout the spring and summer months ahead. And then there ice, ice is something i have little to no dealing with until the past two months of being here in Austin. It has canceled three full days of school, it has caused many accidents and has made many people change plans of their regular daily lives at any given moment. But one thing that I’ve grown to appreciate from ice was how beautiful it looks when laying on the ground and on the grass. I took a look from my balcony to find white snow on the ground, it made me feel like a little kid at Christmas time. This month has brought many changes and many different perspectives about weather to my life and for that i appreciate the experience that I’ve had.


“Is education possibly a process of trading awareness for things of lesser worth?”

It’s the little things that I’ve grown to appreciate this month.

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