Blog 1: January- SFS Garden

For this blog assignment I decided I would do Blunn Creek for the fact that it is easily accessible and there is tons of wildlife there in the natural preserve. I didn’t go there January, I went to the SFS garden but for the remainder of the months, I will go to Blunn Creek. In the SFS garden behind Teresa Hall, there was open areas of trees and beside all them was the garden. I noticed beautiful plants growing there. It was a sunny and chilly day when I went. The wind was blowing and I heard birds chirping and communicating with each other. I didn’t see them but I did hear them. I did, however, see squirrels running around the garden but not in it. I think they might have been curious as to what it was but they didn’t go in the garden. I sat on a slab of concrete and observed. It was honestly a little boring but as the time progressed it became really peaceful out there because it was such a beautiful day. The grass is pretty dead out there but the tress and animals are very much alive. photo 1 photo 3 photo 5 (1)

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