January Park Morse

January 29,

High: 64 Low: 31


January 28, at 3:40 I observed the Alpine Road Pond for a surprisingly therapeutic hour.  I live on Alpine and pass the pond every day.  From first glance the pond seems unimpressive and even unclean, which I’m sure, it probably is.  Located off Congress, the pond captures runoff, treating it before then sending it on its way through Bouldin Creek and eventually Town Lake.  However, actually observing the pond, I developed an appreciation for its close proximity to my apartment.  In contrast to the brouhaha of the surrounding area, the Pond itself was very still and serene like.  There was even a group of ducks bobbing along the surface.  While the sound of traffic was not drowned out, it no longer seemed present.  I heard the sound of the breeze and the rustling of the tall plants that encircled the pond.  I noticed the sounds of unseen creatures, pushing their way through the thicket.  I caught a cat prowling, most likely in search of rodents.  Among the ducks, I saw other birds, including a bird’s nest in the branches of a nearby tree.  In the water, there was algae and arrowhead.  The tall grass that surrounded the pond was bulrush.


“It is fortunate, that no matter how intently one studies the hundred little dreams of the woods and meadows, one can never learn all the salient facts about any one of them.”

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