October Blog: A Little Bit of Everywhere

Monday October 7, 2013

The weather is cool today, thankfully. The weather has been so nice lately; I will be thoroughly disappointed if the heat comes back at full strength. It’s amazing how different things on campus seem when the weather is nice. Everyone is in a good mood, laughing and joking around not rushing to get to the air conditioning as fast as possible. Even the animals seem to be in less of a rush, I hear tons of birds calling to each other in the trees and the squirrels chasing each other in the grass and branches of the trees. As the sun starts to set I noticed that the animals do seem to slip back into seclusion though as the air temperature starts to drop. As nice as it felt all day, once the sun goes away the air gets noticeably cooler, causing me to move inside, just like the animals.


Saturday October 12, 2013

I went home for the weekend and took the time to walk around my neighborhood to take a look at the differences in what nature is like in such a suburban area. The clouds are grey, and the air is humid. Signifying that it will rain, most likely not for long, but it will rain and make the air even more humid than it is now, if that is possible. Along with no one being outside there are very few birds around, possibly due to the upcoming rain storm. There are a few squirrels here and there darting across the street and up trees as I come to close for their comfort. That is one difference from school; the squirrels don’t mind people walking around them at school. Having a constant swarm of people walking around they adapt to the fact that we will walk around them. But with the weather so humid it makes you want to stay indoors and avoid the heat, which seems to be what nature is doing as well.


Saturday October 19, 2013

It finally feels like fall, and I do not want it to change, but I know that in Texas it can be 60 one day and back on in the 90s two days later. But I’m enjoying the weather while it lasts, trying to spend as much time outside as possible. I went down to Lady Bird Lake today to go running, but ended up walking in order to enjoy the weather just a little bit longer before doing homework.  As I walked the path around the lake I enjoyed listening to the birds chirp as I walked along the trail. There were not many animals around me, but it was nice to see all the flowers and plants growing around the lake. I think the rain that we have been getting really helped the plants around the lake and the lake level out a lot. I hope that we can keep getting the rain that we need in order to get further out of the drought. 

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