Cynthia E Gurrola

On November 8, 2013. I initiated my return to Longhorn Shores by observing the Longhorn Dam. I payed attention to it more this time, as we had discussed the use of dams in water issues.

I proceeded to the Butler Trail and took the same image, so that I could note the differences per month. The trees surrounding the trail are gently shifting colors.

As Fall has now arrived, vibrant colors interlace providing a wonderful contrast.

Deep orange leaves intertwine with green ones, slowly one by one turns into the other.

The trail was brighter than the last time I was here. I wanted to do all of my posts at sundown, but I figured I was missing more, like the brightness of the trail. My observing time was 2:00 to 3:00 pm this time around.

There certainly something major that changed. This tree had collapsed and the surrounding shrub looked crushed. I am guessing this occurred during the heavy rain fall.

Leaves on the trees are decaying or becoming food for other organisms. Many have already fallen of the tree and the branches are looking

“The wind that makes music in November corn is in a hurry. The stalk hum, the loose husks whisk skyward in half-playful swirls, and the wind hurries on.” -Aldo Leopold.

The wind was certainly hurrying on during my visit today. I feel this way about my own life, been hurrying on too much.

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