Moreleon, January 2015

Alexis Moreleon
Blunn Creek Nature Blog: January
So since I don’t have a car I decided to do my nature blog at Blunn Creek since it’s right across the street. So today January 28th, I decided to use this beautiful weather to go to Bunn Creek today to do my first blog entry. It was a pretty quiet and peaceful day, I didn’t really see much. Then again this is only my first time ever really sitting down for one hour in nature and actually observing it, so I feel it will get better as I come along. I went during the day so I was able to see all the trees and plant life before it got dark.


What I observed wasn’t much activity but it really got me thinking. I was able to find the perfect spot, a small little stream that was perfectly hit by the sunlight which made the water glisten like tiny little diamonds. I found the perfect seat, a big brown rock. The sound of the stream and the light wind made it even all more relaxing than it already was. Tons of trees were al around me, intertwined with each other so you couldn’t even tell which tree was which. You could hear some birds chirping from ways away but I couldn’t actually see them. I would hear some rusting through the trees from time to time but was never able to see what wildlife was actually lurking through Blunn Creek on this beautiful day. There was all kinds of plant life around me, some were green, some were brown, some were alive, and some dead, but all together that made up one big scenery that made nature all more beautiful. Inside the stream I saw a couple of small rocks which twinkled underneath the water. The water was so clear it was as if nothing was there, you could see perfectly into the stream and notice every rock, every pebble, every dirt ball and twig drifting through the water. There were actually many large rocks surrounding the area, some were even used as steps for people to come down them if thy want to go down to the stream. I never noticed before until now, but fresh air is one of the most valuable and precious thing we are privileged to have. It got me thinking about how sometimes as humans we take our planted Earth for granted. Pollution, littering, global warming, deforestation, animal testing….all those awful things. We should be saving the Earth not killing it. Since it’s my first blog and I didn’t really know what to except or what to really look for, so I decided to walk around a little bit. As I started walking down the dirt road trail, I noticed the cracking of the dirt and twigs underneath my shoes and the small bushes on the side of the road. I also realized there was a lot of cactus on the side of the dirt trail which I thought were really cool. I came to notice the smallest things and most simplest things during my nature walk, and without me even realizing it I felt a calmness wash over me. It was like the perfect stress believer, a break well-needed. After getting back I realized what an awesome experience it was and I am very much looking forward to my future nature blogs.







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