Dargahi, January 2015

Location: Mayfield House and Nature Preserve
Date & Time: January 26, 2015 – 9:36am
Temperature: 65º Mostly Clear



Acer Rebrum -Red Maple Leaf

Acer Rebrum -Red Maple Leaf


When we are invited into someones home, we are in a preserved element of their habitat. They have arranged their surroundings to suit their preference in a way that they are comfortable to grow as humans.

Similar to being invited into another person’s home, entering a nature preserve is just like walking into Mother Nature’s home – just how she suits things should be; specifically arranged and deeply rooted.


First Stop: Mayfield House and Nature Preserve

You're not lost - if you don't want to be found

You’re not lost – if you don’t want to be found


WARNING: when entering Mother Nature’s home, Mayfield Park, you will be greeted by two beautiful and handsome men who love to show off their best assets. While their loud shrieks for attention are a little much, they know how to put on a show if you’re a female they see as their future “soul”-mate.
Who are these men and why am I still single?? Because they’re these gorgeous Peacocks!


Next to him was another male peacock. Probably wondering where the female peacocks are.

The whispering trees and gossiping birds flutter from branch to branch to commend my prolonged return.
I’m quickly startled by brave joggers waving and smiling while dodging moistened mud from the early morning’s dewy mist in addition to the ever notorious rocky terrain.
I soon found myself in the middle of the preserve with a distant view of a mossy greenish lake as partial reward for my half fast journey. The environment is so welcoming and fresh as the plants are patiently waiting for spring to pay a visit.
I now stood at a point in my tracks with a decision needing to be made in order to proceed in my endeavors:
– I could hold hands with brittle tree branches and brace myself while I climb down massive rocks to get to the river- all while praying I don’t plummet to an early death…
– I could take a right turn and walk into an inevitable dead end but with beautiful scenery of ancient oak trees and a trailed walkway?
– Or as I like to say, if things aren’t going right in life – go left… which is the path I took. And can I just say, I made a great and rewarding decision.

Hope I've got good balance!

*insert moving water noises while debating to go over the rocks or not*

10:35am (results of left turn)
Left turn was the right choice.
Look at that creek-pond concoction! Is that not gorgeous? This spot always gets me, every time. I don’t know what it is, but every time I’m sitting on the side of this creek, I can hear deer rustling through the bushes, birds singing, and water making it’s presence known. It’s times like this when ones existence is truly noted. When materialistic desires are minuscule. When a humbled outlook on life is more appreciated. And when the air smells of mossed rocks and an everlasting aroma of freshly cut grass.

“No matter how intently one studies the hundred little dramas of the woods and meadows, one can never learn all the salient facts about any one of them.”

In Aldo Leopold’s, A Sand County Almanac, he  politely tells his reader’s that no matter how in tune one may feel with nature, there will always be an unknown element that nature will possess above any humans knowledge and interference.

Respect nature and it’s hidden beauty.

With all good things – comes an end.
My journey was one i’ve made before, but one I come out leaving with pure gratitude for this beautifully preserved park, each time.
Upon saying my goodbyes, I was soon saddened.
There were trees in the far distance being cut down. It is hopefully for the preserve’s benefit. Maybe the trees were dying. Who knows. But it was an incredible wake up call. It was the big picture of life. In order to help the earth, raise awareness of natural wilderness being destructed for homes, etc.

But unlike all journey’s, this is one that will carry on forever.
There’s something safe about this park that I hope will remain special, intact, and unharmed.

Until next time…









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