Curry January 2015

Every weekend I go back to my house in Lakeway to visit my parents, we usually go outside if the weather is nice enough and walk the greenbelt that is behind our property. The weather this weekend was the best it has been in a while for us to be outside, so we decided to try and walk the whole greenbelt from our house to the main road. Which is located at Highland Boulevard in Lakeway. When we first entered the greenbelt from our backyard I realized that I could hear water, which is the first time I ever have while walking back there. I decided we should try and find out where the water is and make a path towards it. On our journey down towards the water it was very steep and rocky, there were no animals around us but the scenery was beautiful. When we finally reached the water there was a small creek with running water and conveniently a tree fallen over the creek connected each side. On the other side of the creek it was very green, flat and there was more tree coverage, we decided to stick on that side because the shade was very helpful with this long trek. IMG_3156

The further we walked away from my house I assumed we would see more animals but I was sadly mistaken. There was a unique finding though, I came across something I thought was a rock and I was going to step on it but under further inspection it was a feral hog bottom jaw. About 15 feet away from the hog I found broken fox skull, and about 20 feet away from the fox skull I found a complete deer skull and remains. At first I was excited and thought that the findings were amazing which I still do believe but then I realized I am in a feeding area for either a mountain lion of coyote, luckily I did not find out who or what left these behind but I am a little worried if I go back there. The excitement of my finds soon wore off because the closer we were to the main road the more trash I seemed to find and it was piling together in the water. These areas were definitely not prime areas for animals to be living and I am concerned the further they get pushed back from the main road with an abundant amount of water will lead them closer to homes where they are susceptible to harm from humans directly. Aside from being concerned about the location of the greenbelt comparative to the road, the creek that I came across was so beautiful. An area that from afar looks plain and full of cedar tress holds such a wonderful site. “To those devoid of imagination a blank place on the map is a useless waste; to others, the most valuable part” this quote by Aldo Leopold rings true with how such a bare boring place to some people such as the greenbelt behind my house where no one seems to go is such an untouched treasure and to me that’s the best part about it.



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