Coy pond

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In the month of novermber I looked to my own back yard. The coy pound in my apartment complex. A natural oasis in the middle of wood and concrete buildings. When I enter my apartment and close the door I forget that I have a natural oasis right as I open my porch door. The coy pound has lili pads and mostly orange small fish and a few yellow fishes. The pond is artificial and looks like the paramiters a shallow and the middle is quit deep. The pond has a water fall which expresses a beautiful sound. The view from my brench chair is beautiful and very relaxing. Y first observation occurred during a fairly gloomy day. Looking at the fish swim around so lavishly and watching the bubbles from the pouring water from the water dispatch through the water and disappear was truly beautil and relaxing.


Today the sun is out, the birds are singing and I can more life around me. I was not able to snap a picture of the squrl that run by or the birds flying above but today was a very vibrate day. I focused my meditation on the throny plants they were planted in this area. The core of the plant was drak green but the further out it come the yellow it become, looking like it was about to die. The stump of the plant looked as though it had lost leaves previous to the one poking out. They were interesting plants unlike the one I have seen on my hikes. The only flowers in this garden were dark purple and it looked like the rain from the day before had plummeted them. They wernt closed up they were open but withered in the sea of small dark green leaves.


This little garden and coy pond is a very good example of bringing nature to the city.


“It is nature of the roots to noise into cracks”-Aldo Leopold

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