Blunn Creek November

For the month of November I returned to the same sites I had visited in prior months to observe what was going on in the Blunn Creek Natural Preserve. I can say without a doubt that the month of November was a time where I saw the most changes occur within the Preserve compared to September and October. I can only assume since we are right at the end of fall and moving gradually into the winter season is the reason why I was able to see so much change within Blunn Creek. It is a beautiful thing to see the natural landscape go through the process of life where everything is green a lush. Only to slowly decay once winter hits, then all the colors change leaving everything to fall off and die. Still they do no stay dead for long, everything just waits until the spring months where the whole process of life and death can be repeated once again. In my first week of observation I went out to blunn creek and I immediately noticed as I walked through the entrance that most of the trees leaves had either changed colors from green to orange, or had fallen off completely on the ground. The temperature was mild in the sixties range with a nice breeze that made it feel a little bit colder than it actually was. Wildlife sightings were at a minimal on the ground, but once I looked up to the trees it seems like a lot of the animals felt more comfortable up there. Squirrels rarely came down to ground level only moving from place to place through tree branches and the birds seems to only chirp in their nests and not fly out to explore the creek like they had been. When it came to the second and third visits they seemed to be very consistent with each other. In those two week visits the temperature had dropped considerable making it very undesirable for anything to be out in the open. None of the preserves inhabiting birds such as Jays or sparrows were to be seen or heard, only groups of squawking crows that flew from place to place. The sun did not shine as before instead there were dark grey skies that covered the preserve, which is probably the reason for the noticeable drop in temperature. Also the ground was damp and muddy since the preserve had seen a lot of rainfall with in this two week period. Once I completed my third trip I could not help shake the felling that the preserve in my second and third visits had changed from a place with life in it to something that felt completely empty. Still I had my final observation to complete, which made me realize that things change all the time and nothing is the same. Once I went back for my last visit the preserve had changed yet again. This time the sun shined as in week on which lead to an increase in temperature making it a desirable to be in. Since the sun shined during this visit I was able to see and hear the wild life in the park more frequently. It felt that the life had been brought back to the Preserve once I finished my observation. I noticed that the ecosystems in the park flowed better once the sun was out. Overall during the month of November the Blunn Creek Preserve did not remain consistency as in previous month. It went through a lot of physical changes and will go through many more in the upcoming months as the ecosystems progress with their natural cycles. “No matter how intently one studies the hundred little dramas of the woods and meadows, one can never learn all the salient facts about any one of them.”



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