Edwards Sept. 2014

Amongst my nature journals over the past month, I sincerely enjoyed writing about my visitation to Jacobs Well in Wimberley Texas. It was a place of ultimate peace, and the nature that surrounded the area was just beautiful. I was camping there for two nights and three days, and decided to take an hour to myself to rest upon my eno and blog about the environment around. The weather was  bit cloudy and not too hot, roughly around 80 degrees. Since Jacobs Well was not in the middle of a city, the sounds of cars seemed afar. The birds speaking to each other in the trees seemed so fragile, natures vibe was at its fullest potential. The land was greener and luscious, even though it still seemed a little dry. The rain fall from the days before seemed to revitalize the land. I sat between two tress that developed a canopy of old leaves and branches above my head. I noticed some of the tree bark on the ground and wondered what it could be from, Weather, bugs,people? It looked as if they were shedding. It caught my eye as the ants were crawling on the tree trunks, making their way up to the green leaves. The grass and dirt below my feet were full with all of natures little life; Ants, spiders, crickets, and other crawlers. They seemed to have found their home with the leaves and branches that have fallen from the trees. Below,is the campsite I did my nature observance around. The sun was shining in and out as the large clouds passed by.. and as the night started to fall I felt the temperature drop a few degrees.




The meadow and spring that surrounded me seemed so inviting. The spring was so beautiful and fresh, over the weekend we drank from the spring admiring its true pureness. The well, which can be seen in the photo, is roughly 35 feet deep of fresh water, however very cold. Swimming in this spring brought me to a state of bliss. It was so refreshing. The limestone that surrounded seemed so sacred, as well as the trees, which began to look as if it was the start of autumn. Throughout my swim in the spring, I saw a few ducks playing around.

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Nature really is so wonderful, if you just take the time to admire it.


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