Durkee, September 2014

Hey y’all! This is the most amazing blog that’s ever going to exist! Well not really but we can think that. I hope this is as entertaining to read as it is informative about the happenings of nature. So to the SCIENCE part. Everyone say WOW SCIENCE! I digress so lets get to it!

For this month I was doing my observations behind the Carriage house on St. Edwards property. It is a really nice and secluded place and it seemed like it was removed from the rest of the college. I really liked how peaceful it looked and how centrally located it was to everything.


This picture was taken on the last day I was surveying this area.

September 18th:

I went to this spot twice unfortunately the first time I got rained on and my phone died as soon as I arrived at the spot. This did not ruin the adventure though especially since a Boy Scout is always prepared no matter what! I was able to make some observations about how the animals were behaving right before the downpour happened. It was about 81° Fahrenheit with a really gusty wind. It was not that bad just a little colder than what was expected. The humidity was really high considering it did RAIN on me it was about 71%. The people traffic was really low just a few people wandering around. There were some birds flying at first but there wasnt much activity after that. I had to leave early about 30 minutes because it just started coming down like no other not even my umbrella was much help. Needless to say I came back drenched in rain water but it was totally worth the experience! 

September 30th:

Now second day! This one is more interesting since I actually brought my phone fully charged so there are a lot more pictures! The observation hour actually went really well this time around, the only thing that was a complaint was the amount of mosquitoes that came out to feast upon my blood! The day was about 90° Fahrenheit with no breeze to be felt. The humidity was lower than the first day by 25%! For all of us that aren’t math inclined (myself included) that makes this day about 46% humidity. As I was walking up to start my observation this little squirrel had the audacity to start yelling at me about being in his space. He was very loud and persistent so I went off to find a spot that wouldn’t disturb him as much.

I was walking along as saw some really beautiful flowers! I know that they wont be lasting for very much longer so it was nice to see them before they left us for the harshness of winter.

IMG_1627 IMG_1619

Then I saw the bush near by was starting to make some fruit it will be interesting to see what they turn out to be since I am not to sure.


These were all really wonderful sights to see and I will be looking forward to going here more often and we shall see how the harsh winter is to this secret garden. I will be gathering all the pictures and it will be up in December so we will be able to see the progression a little more clearly. The next place that I will be going to will be a place with water! So look out next month for that blog of amazingness! So to conclude here is one view of where I was observing I just thought that it looked really good and needed to be added to this post.


Perception, in short, cannot be purchased with either learned degrees or dollars; it grows at home as well as abroad, and he who has little may use it to as good advantage as he who has much.- A Sand County Almanac

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